Vera is the author of the play, ALIK, which premiered to sold-out audiences in Los Angeles, March 2018

He began his writing career on the landmark PBS series, Que Pasa, U.S.A.?, where he assisted in writing the third season (as Assistant to the Story Editor) and solo penned The Encounter. He also played The Thief in One Saturday Afternoon.

While at UCLA’s film school he was signed by agent Lee Dinstman and went on to write these television pilots/episodes:

  • The Yankee Doodle Cuban and It’s My Party, pilot spin-offs of The Jeffersons (CBS)
  • Carlos and Chuck, pilot (CBS)
  • A Piece of the Pie, pilot (Embassy/CBS)
  • a.k.a. Pablo: The King and I, episode (Embassy/CBS)
  • Only in Miami, pilot (CBS)
  • Diplomatic Ties, pilot (Procter & Gamble/ABC)

He wrote a feature screenplay for Warner Bros., My Wife is a Man, unproduced.

En español Julio ha publicado varias obras de historia y genealogía que se encuentran en Amazon.

Current Work